green banner says Register For on a brown background with New Student Orientation in white letters. Picture of lady with light brown hair and a blue sweater.
dusty blue background with website screenshot and bright orange button touting apply online
This video is used as our entry to the 2013 Tomorrow's Technician School of the Year Contest.
square holed, spiral bound paper scrap with Begin Here in purple capital letters and request information about ECTC today in blue
masking tape with Student Life in purple letters

theStreet is the name of our own award-winning newspaper which is written, edited and published by our students.

paper scrap with folded corner, taped at the top says Find Your Path in dark red
a white female in a chef's coat using a whisk and bowl

Interested in becoming a Chef, or want to learn more about how to effectively run a busy restaurant?  Check out the Culinary Arts program!