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General News

The library has two new networked printer/photocopiers. Instructions for retrieving printouts are posted above the printers. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you require it.

New Books

New Databases

The library now subscribes to Films on Demand. This database contains more than 12,000 educational films that can be viewed online via streaming. A link to the database appears on the home page. If you wish to view the films off-campus be sure and log in to the proxy server.

The library subscribes to the online JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collection III. JSTOR itself consists of 10 different collections. We have subscribed to ONE of these collections, and we have based our choice of collection on the needs of students and the kinds of topics that cropped up more than once for which our existing resources were inadequate. A&S Collection III contains the full text of some journals in the areas of religion, film studies, music, language and literature.

When you click on the JSTOR link you will see the search field at the top and subject categories at the bottom. If you click on the subject categories you will see all the journals offered in all the JSTOR collections for each subject. Most journals will have a yellow circle next to them. The yellow circle means the journal contents are indexed only. A green circle next to a journal title means we have access to the full text of that journal. Journal articles that are indexed only can, of course, be obtained via ILL.

If you wish to search JSTOR from home log in to the proxy server prior to clicking on the JSTOR link.

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