Copyright and Fair Use Resources

KCTCS Intellectual Property Policy

KCTCS Copyright Guidelines for Employees and Students

Intellectual Property. KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures 3.3.5. Text of current KCTCS policy on IP and copyright

Information and Tutorials

Columbia Copyright Advisory Office. Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. Information on copyright, fair use, permissions, ownership

Stanford University Libraries Copyright and Fair Use.  Links to sites covering a wide range of topics: federal laws, cases, judicial opinions, copyright and fair use overviews, journal articles, permissions, copyright research

United States Copyright Office  - copyright basics, overview of fair use, information on registering work, information on locating copyright holders, circulars and brochures, forms and factsheets covering copyright topics

U.S. Code Title 17. Legal Information Institute. Cornell Law School. Complete ext of the federal law that pertains to copyright


Fair Use Checklist. Columbia University Libraries. If you want to use a protected item, use this checklist to help you determine whether or not you are in within the boundaries of fair usage.

Fair Use Evaluator. Michael Brewer and ALA Office for Information Technology.

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