SOCAD Information

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College (ECTC) is a proud member of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a group of over 1400 colleges and universities that provide higher education to military members throughout the world. ECTC understands the unique demands of a military lifestyle and strives to make your college experience smoother by providing flexible academic residence requirements, giving college credit for applicable military training and experience, and easing the transfer of previously earned credits.

Active duty and their family members are eligible for SOCAD agreements!


    You can request a SOCAD agreement for several of the AA, AS, and AAS Bus Admin degree plans. Your request must be made in writing at the Fort Knox Campus, Education Center, Room 203.

    We will process your request and mail it to you in approximately 4 weeks.

  • SOCAD-2 (Associate Degree)

    As a SOCAD-2 enrollee you will:

    Have residency credit limited to 25 percent of total degree requirements.

    Receive credit for service schools and experience in your military occupational specialty (MOS) appropriate to your degree program.

    Receive credit for non-traditional learning such as CLEP and DANTES appropriate to your degree program.

    Have a SOCAD student agreement completed as an official evaluation stating remaining degree requirements.

    Be guaranteed that courses listed in the SOCAD Handbook transferability tables will be accepted for degree requirements within each curriculum area.

    A SOCAD agreement makes your degree portable. You then have 8 years to finish your program of study.


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