Student Testimonials

Each ECTC student has a unique story to tell. Each one tackles life's challenges and has personal experiences, dreams and goals. Many have compelling reasons for working to improve their lives through education and training. Although each story is unique, we share many common threads that allow us to connect and support each other along this journey.

Here are some of their stories. Let us know if you’d like to share yours!

Photo of Keneysha Rodney.

Keneysha Rodney

 A stay-at-home mother of two young daughters, Keneysha Rodney planned to earn her college degree when her children started school. But plans changed when she and her husband separated. She found a new home, a daycare and school for the kids, and a job for herself after not working for seven years.  Read more...




Photo of Kerrie Lewis.

Kerrie Lewis

 Now a successful local entrepreneur, Kerrie Lewis began her college career about 12 years ago, as a single mother with all the challenges of two small children depending on her for survival and stability. Kerrie knew the importance of an education, and chipped away at her college degree, sometimes taking just one or two classes, as time and finances permitted. Read more...




Photo of Lauren Jerbich.

Lauren Jerbich

 As a first generation college student, Lauren Jerbich was unsure of where she wanted to go to college or what to study.
“I had no idea that when I started college that my life would be transformed in so many ways.
“My first semester at ECTC, I was a computer programming major, until I realized that my personality did not fit the career. Read more...



Photo of Robbie Lake.

Robbie Lake

 When Robbie Lake was laid off from his long-term job at AGC, he took advantage of free workshops offered by ECTC to explore his options. He saw opportunities to get started on a new career.  Read more... 


Photo of Steve Davis.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis made a commitment to himself to improve the lives of young people by helping break the cycles of crime, incarceration and recidivism through rehabilitation and opportunity.  Read more...







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