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ECTC and all off campus locations are currently CLOSED and will be CLOSED for the remainder of the week due to inclement weather conditions. Classes will resume a regular schedule beginning Monday March 9th.
Students at computers taking the COMPASS exam in the Assessment Center.

Assessment Center

We Provide Testing for Students and the Community

Ready to get started toward your academic goals?  The Assessment Center provides COMPASS testing for incoming students, Make-Up Exams for existing students, GED testing, Proctored Exams for online courses, and a variety of community related testing services.  We're here to serve you!

If the college is officially closed for any reason, testing will be canceled for that day. Also, requests for special accommodations must be made prior to the testing date and approved by the Disability Services Coordinator. All approved requests should be forwarded to the Assessment Center Director. 


The COMPASS test is a comprehensive computerized placement and diagnostic assessment instrument. Calculators are allowed and testing time varies for each student from one to three hours.  If you would like to try out a few practice exams before you attempt the actual test, visit the COMPASS Test Preview site.

Also, the national ACT exam can be taken in place of the COMPASS test to gain admission to the college. To be exempt from COMPASS, you must score a minimum of 18 in English, 20 in Reading, and 21 in Math on the ACT exam.  To find out more about the ACT exam, check out the ACT Student website.

COMPASS Testing Schedule

Distance Learning Exams

If you're taking an online course that requires a proctored exam, we are here to help! Please view the Proctored Exam Hours and Information to learn more about taking a proctored exam.  If you need testing other than Monday through Thursday, here is a list of KCTCS Testing Site locations.

Make Up Exams

Sometimes students are unable to take course exams as scheduled by their instructor.  This service is arranged by your course instructor. To learn more about this service you can view the documentation by selecting a link below.  

Special Examinations

Sometimes there's a need for students to have access to specialized exams related to their academic plan. In order to be eligible for specialized examination testing you must have submitted a completed Application for Admission to the college.  Students can print the Registration Form using the link below.  Below you will find the general guidelines and procedures for special exams.

  1. Students will need to complete the registration form and submit it to the appropriate Division Chair and Course Instructor for their approval and signatures. Once the form has been submitted, a tentative test date will be determined by the Instructor to be scheduled during the Assessment Center´s Open Lab.  The Course Instructor is responsible for forwarding the approved exam to the Assessment Center prior to the predetermined test date.
  2. Students will need to take the signed registration form to the Assessment Center, pay the testing fee ($20.00 for a written exam and $40.00 for a performance exam) to confirm the test date.
  3. The Assessment Center staff will administer the requested exam (with the exception of special testing dates for CIT 105 and performance exams, which may be scheduled and administered by faculty).  Upon completion of the exam, we will return the exam and the original registration form to the Course Instructor for scoring.
  4. The Instructor is responsible for scoring the exam and sending the original registration form, with test results recorded, to the Records Office. Instructor will keep original exam.
  5. The Records Office will enter your scores into PeopleSoft and then notify the student regarding their exam results. The original registration form will be kept in the student´s official file.

Contact Information

Assessment Center Office Hours are from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. 

KCTCS/Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
Assessment Center
RPC 1st Floor Room 129
620 College Street Road
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 706-8809 or (877) 246-2322 extension 68809
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