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Career Opportunities and Job Placement

Welcome to Career Services

The Career Services Center is designed to assist students and alumni with employment needs and connections to fulfilling and self sufficient work. Whether it be developing a targeted resume, assisting with job search, or helping you explore careers, we can help. 

Our center also assist those students whom may be undecided. Whatever your needs are we can help.

Some assistance can be given via email and phone, but it is best to visit and make a connection with your career services center. Let us help you towards your career goals. 


I'm a Student

The Career Services Center is designed to assist students and alumni with employment needs and students that are undecided on their next step in life. Let us help you toward your career goal and it's easy to start!


I'm a Employer

One of the main goals of ECTC is to assist students in finding jobs after completing their journey here. There are many things that we can work with you to help students traisition into the work force.


I'm Faculty

While this office mainly deals with students directly, there are plenty of things that we can assist faculty members with. One of the main things we can do is set up Presenations for your classes.



I'm a Job Seeker

Whether you are a current or former student, searching for jobs is a tedious and scary prospect. Here are some sites to help you find some job openings and to help you along your journey!


Other career resources




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