Policies and Procedures

Section 1: College Overview

  • President's Welcome
  • ECTC Mission, Vision and Values Statement
  • ECTC History And Information
    • Functional Organizational Charts
  • KCTCS Values, Mission, and Vision Statement
  • KCTCS History
  • KCTCS Governance

Section 2: Administrative Policies and Procedures

  • Accreditation Statement
  • College-Wide Teams and Committees
  • Community-Based Boards, Councils and Committees
  • EEO Guidelines
  • Faculty and Staff Organizations
  • Non-Discrimination Statement
  • Substantive Change Reporting Policy to the Commission on Colleges

Section 3: Academics and Workforce Development Policies and Procedures

  • Assessment
  • Course Management
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Organization
  • Workforce Solutions

Section 4: Advancement and Organizational Development Policies and Procedures

  • Institutional Effectiveness/Institutional Research
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Professional and Organizational Development Policies and Procedures
  • College Foundation
  • Development Policies and Procedures
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Public Information and Marketing
  • Regional Campus Information
  • Arts In The Community

Section 5: Finance and Operations Policies and Procedures

  • Budget
  • Business Procedures
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Vouchers
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Procurement Card
  • Use of College Vehicles
  • Cashiering/Cash Handling
  • Facilities and Security Policies and Procedures
  • Payroll Policies and Procedures
  • Printing / Copying Total Managed Print System

Section 6: Information Technology Services Policies and Procedures

  • Administrative Policies
  • Information Technology Resources and Responsible Use
  • Accounts
  • Technology Support and Usage
  • Web Content and Compliance

Section 7: Multiculturalism and Inclusion Policies and Procedures

  • Office Of Multiculturalism and Inclusion
  • KCTCS Cultural Diversity
  • ECTC Cultural Diversity
  • Harassment-Free Workplace Information
  • Harassment-Free Workplace Training
  • Diversity Training for all New Employees

Section 8: Student Development and Enrollment Management Policies and Procedures

  • KCTCS Code Of Student Conduct
  • Costs and Financial Aid
  • Student Organizations
  • Disability and Support Services
  • Student Privacy Rights under FERPA
  • Guidelines to Support Law Enforcement Officials on Campus
  • Process for Dealing with Disruptive Students
  • Student Rights And Responsibilities

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