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Student Fees

In addition to tuition and books, Radiography students are responsible for the items listed below. (All prices are estimates):

  1. Individual malpractice insurance (through ECTC) every semester $11.00
  2. Purchase of name tag and clinical markers $35.00
  3. Radiation monitoring badge approximately $50.00 every semester
  4. Cost of ARRT Registry National Exam $200.00
  5. Uniforms and shoes for clinic $275.00
  6. Registry Review Seminar approximately $185.00
  7. Fees related to joining professional societies $20.00-$85.00
  8. Graduation $50.00
  9. Criminal Background check and drug screen $75.00
    • *Please note that at any time a clinical site can request an additional criminal background check and/or a drug screening. If the student refuses to participate in this test they will immediately be dismissed from the program.
  10. Physical $150.00
  11. Immunizations updated $100.00 to $300.00

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