University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is one of two state-supported research universities in Kentucky, located on three campuses in Louisville. Many of our students transfer here, second only to Western Kentucky University. U of L offers 170 degree programs, and ECTC students can seamlessly transfer into them by following specific checklists.

How will my classes transfer?

If you complete an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree at ECTC, your classes will transfer as a block, and you ll be fully general education certified. One advantage of this is you can take any history, for example, instead of world history specifically.

But because U of L has created specific transfer frameworks for different majors, you do need to follow transfer checklists pretty closely to make sure you re taking the prerequisite classes for your major so you won t have to take more prereq classes once you transfer.

Are there specific transfer pathways?

Yes! The University of Louisville has agreements in place for ECTC students who want to complete bachelor s degrees they begin here. Look at the link for the major you re interested in pursuing. These checklists have drop-down boxes for classes that fit into specific categories. If you see a red triangle, it means there s a special note to read about that class. Hover over it with your browser to read it.

Degrees and Transfers.

What about scholarships?

U of L offers specific transfer scholarships for ECTC students, based on their grade point averages. Watch application dates; you ll need to fill out an application for a scholarship and submit official transcripts.

What's next?

It s easy to find out more about transferring to the University of Louisville. Also, check the transfer page to find out when U of L transfer representatives are coming to ECTC.


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