Computers and Printers


Does the library have desktops for students to use?

The library provides 24 workstations for student user. Class assignments and library research takes precedence over all other uses. Microsoft Office products are available on the workstations.

Does the library have wireless?

The library has wireless but the number of ports is limited. If you cannot connect try waiting 10 or 15 minutes.

Do I need to sign in?

You do not need to sign in at the front desk but you have to log on to each workstation. Use your KCTCS email user ID and password.

What if I have not set up my KCTCS email?

We will assist you in setting up your KCTCS email. You must know or have your student number in order to set up your email.

What if I have forgotten my password?

We will help you reset your password. You must know your user ID and have a personal email or cell phone number on file with the college.


How many printers are in the library?

We have two printers that are available for student use in the library.

How do I get my files to print?

Just hitting File and Print will NOT be enough. Look at your station number on your monitor frame. The label will also tell you which of the two printers has your document. Look at the poster on the wall and follow the instructions to tell the printer to print your document.

How much does it cost to print?

You do not have to pay for printouts at this time. Do NOT print out multiple copies. All printouts will use both sides of the paper.

Can I scan documents? Where do I make copies?

The printers also serve as scanners and photocopiers. You will need to log in with your KCTCS user ID and password. Follow the instructions on the yellow sheets.

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