Books and DVDs

A library card! To get your new library card you must bring a photo ID that displays your current address (valid driver's license or state-issued non-driver's ID), and your student identification number.

If you are a registered student, you may have eight books checked out at any given time. The check-out period is three weeks. You may renew books ONCE for another three weeks.

You may have 2 DVDs out at a time. You can keep them for one week. No renewals.

Please place books you wish to return in the book drop in the circulation desk. If you wish to drop materials off after hours, please place them in the book drop on the exterior of the Learning Resources Center building. This drop is located to the right of the front doors.

If you feel an item is on your account in error, please complete a Claims Returned form.

Computer Usage

The library provides 24 workstations for student user. Class assignments and library research takes precedence over all other uses. Microsoft Office products are available on the workstations.

The library has wireless but the number of ports is limited. If you cannot connect try waiting 10 or 15 minutes.

You do not need to sign in at the front desk but you have to log on to each workstation. Use your KCTCS email user ID and password.

We will assist you in setting up your KCTCS email. You must know or have your student number in order to set up your email.

We will help you reset your password. You must know your user ID and have a personal email or cell phone number on file with the college.

Printer Usage

We have two printers that are available for student use in the library.

  • Use the print command appropriate for the software (File/Print, icons, printer-friendly links on web sites, etc.)  A small pop-up window  should appear on the computer screen.  This window shows how much printing money you have in your student account.  It will also tell you how much will be deducted if you print your current job.  Click on Accept if you wish to continue.
  • Go to one of the printers (it does not matter which) and use the keypad on the touch screen to log in.  The whole process can be a little confusing at first, so please feel free to ask for help at the circulation desk.
  • Copies and printouts cost 10 cents per each side of one page.  A single page, double-sided printout costs 20 cents.
  • You do have the option to print in color.  Color printouts cost 25 cents per each side of one page.  Ask at the circulation desk for help with setting the color option.
  • You do not need to bring cash or credit cards.  Every student is allotted 15 dollars at the beginning of every semester.  The printing accounts are part of your student account.  Printing costs are deducted automatically.
  • If you go over the allotted 15 dollars, you can go to the Business Office (room 102 in the RPC building) and pay for additional amounts to be added to your account.  The library does not handle cash or credit cards.

The printers also serve as scanners and photocopiers. You will need to log in with your KCTCS user ID and password. Follow the instructions on the yellow sheets.