Entrepreneurship Certificate | ECTC

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Business Administration

Required courses

Courses Credit Notes
ACC 201 Financial Accounting OR
ACT 177 Entrepreneurial Accounting
3 ACC 201 prereq: Quantitative Reasoning College-Readiness or instructor consent
BAS 170 Entrepreneurship 3 Prereq: BAS 160 or instructor consent
BAS 282 Principles of Marketing 3 Prereq: BAS 160 or instructor consent
BAS 288 Personal & Organizational Leadership 3  

Technical Courses

Choose 3 credit hours from the following Technical Courses:

Courses Credit Notes
BAS 110 Worksheets in Business Applications 3 Prereq: digital lit or instructor consent
BAS 125 Social Media Marketing: Fundamental Concepts, Skills and Strategies 3 Only offered as a bi-term; please pair with another bi-term class
BAS 201 Customer Service Improvement Skills 3  

Requirements taken from the 2019-2020 KCTCS Catalog