Elizabethtown couple makes historic investment in ECTC | ECTC

Elizabethtown couple makes historic investment in ECTC

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – Dr. Robert E. and Rita Robbins, of Elizabethtown, today presented a $1 million gift to Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) from the Dr. Robert E. and Rita H. Robbins Fund of Central Kentucky Community Foundation. Their gift is the single largest private investment ever given to ECTC.

At a celebration at ECTC’s Elizabethtown campus, college leaders, faculty, staff and students honored the Robbins’ commitment to making the region a better place. Dr. Juston Pate, ECTC president, called Dr. Bob and Rita Robbins visionary leaders in the community.

“An investment in ECTC is an investment in our community’s families, the power of our workforce, continued economic prosperity and growth,” Pate said.

Dr. Robbins said ECTC’s role as an education and training provider is vital to the region.

“This is about cultivating opportunities and changing lives for ECTC students,” Robbins said. “We are incredibly grateful to provide this gift.”

The gift is earmarked to help fund a new University Center, which will bring additional four-year degree options to the campus.

“This gift is a springboard for the vision of ECTC’s future, and the future of our region,” Pate said. “Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Bob and Rita Robbins, ECTC is able to create more opportunities for the communities we serve.”

Central Kentucky Community Foundation (CKCF) is acting as a conduit for the gift. ECTC and CKCF recently developed a strategic partnership to help ensure the college meets the educational needs of the region today and in the future.

“CKCF is honored to be the steward of a gift that will provide support for additional educational programs at ECTC. This gift is a steppingstone and key component of building the future of the college,” said Davette Swiney, CKCF President. “We are grateful to Dr. Bob and Rita Robbins for their contribution to aid our region in educational advancements, and the example they set that we know will inspire others in philanthropy.”