Staff Spotlight - Julie Smith, the voice of ECTC | ECTC

Staff Spotlight - Julie Smith, the voice of ECTC

Julie Smith, The Voice of ECTC

 When a student, or prospective student, calls ECTC for information on anything from what is required to attend college to special events, Julie Smith is the first voice they hear.

 Labeled “The Voice of ECTC,” Julie has been at the college in several capacities throughout the years, both as a student and an employee.

 “When I first decided to go to college, I called ECTC for information and the woman I spoke with was so warm and welcoming that I decide that was the school I wanted to attend,” she said.

 Julie is Office Support Assistant in ECTC’s Assessment Center in addition to her work providing customer service for the many students and community members who contact the school.

 “My goal is to help my coworkers do the best job they can by giving students the best customer service,” Julie said. “If I help students who contact the school, that allows other departments to have more quality time to help students.”

 Professional Background:

Julie has had many roles at the college before becoming “The Voice of ECTC.” She first came here as a student, and also has worked in the Call Center, the Admissions Office, Financial Aid and now works as an Office Support Assistant for the Assessment Center.

 Personal Background:

Julie was born and raised in Elizabethtown and has two children. Anthony, 26, graduated with an English degree from Western Kentucky University and now works for a judge in Shepherdsville. Alexis, 15, is in the marching band at Central Hardin High School.

 Thoughts on working at ECTC:

“I always said that if I had the opportunity to give back and help people the way I was helped when I first decided to return to college, that I would take it. I love people and I love to let students know about ECTC. It’s a gem, and a great place to lay the foundation to a successful career.”