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Parent & Family Association Formed

During every Elizabethtown Community and Technical College commencement ceremony, the room comes alive with the cheers of parents, spouses, kids and other family and supporters of ECTC graduates. While ECTC faculty and staff provide students with the support they need to be successful, often it’s the involvement and encouragement of family that really makes the difference.

Families want to support their loved ones, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what resources are available, and what issues are most important to their students. As a way to help keep families informed and connected, ECTC has formed the “ECTC Parent and Family Association.”

“This is a new venture for us,” said Dr. Dale Buckles, Chief Student Affairs Officer. “We all want the same outcome…successful students. We recognize that families are integral to the success of our students, and we need input and involvement of parents and families to help us develop a partnership that nurtures that success. By actively engaging parents and families in the college community, we strengthen the connections among students, their support systems, and the college, connections that can last a lifetime.”

There is no cost to join the Association, but plenty of benefits. Access to a Parent and Family Association website will provide important and relevant information about issues, events and opportunities that may impact the student. Special events could be held to make families more comfortable and connected with the ECTC community, and all members will receive ECTC’s monthly newsletter, “Community Connections,” which is full of great information about events, accomplishments and campus activities. Registered members can publicly proclaim their support with a new free “I’m Proud of My ECTC Student” T-shirt. Most importantly, the organization will provide a networking opportunity for everyone to share questions, answers and experiences.

Anyone who wants more information about the new ECTC Parent and Family Association is welcome and encouraged to attend the inaugural meeting on Thursday, January 9 at 6 p.m. in room 212 of the Regional Postsecondary Center (RPC). Unable to attend the meeting? Contact Dr. Dale Buckles at 270-706-8431 or for more information.

“We look forward to meeting the families of our students, and helping them to learn more about ECTC and how they can become more engaged in our college and the success of their students,” said Buckles.