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Sherry Arnett Understands Her Patients

Sherry Arnett holding oxygen mask over child simulator/manikin

Unique personal experience drives Sherry Arnett to excel as a respiratory therapy student at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

 In 2007, she was diagnosed with adult onset asthma.

 “It changed my life,” she said, adding that she was an active mother and soon found herself cutting physical activity, leaving a job and taking regular medications.

 Adjusting to life with asthma wasn’t easy, but she found inspiration in the care she received.

 “The care that I received led me to this program,” Arnett said. “It made me seek to find ways to help people.”

 As a respiratory care student, Arnett is now on a path to play a critical role in helping patients breathe easier.

 Meanwhile, her education and career plans have became even more personal as her mother underwent a tracheotomy after Arnett’s first semester in the program, she said.

 “It came at a time when I was being educated on how to do that care,” Arnett said. “So I can understand the processes of what she’s going through.”

Thoughts on ECTC

 Accessible instructors, small class sizes and connections to healthcare providers across the region are important attributes of ECTC’s respiratory care program.

 “It’s challenging, but it’s also rewarding,” she said. “Each day, you learn something new.”