Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Condiff | ECTC

Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Condiff

Sarah Condiff in graduation cap and gown holding an award“I try to bring a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm to my teaching style,” said Sarah Condiff, associate professor for arts and humanities division and faculty chair at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. “I’m a little bit Mr. Rogers.”

 Condiff, who began at ECTC in 2009, teaches English and serves on the remedial team working with students who aren’t quite ready for college. Currently working on her doctorate in education leadership at Western Kentucky University, she also works on curriculum design at the college.

 “It’s really exciting when we tap into a particular learning strategy and find one that works,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to see a lightbulb moment because of the foundation work we’ve done.”

 Condiff, who grew up and still lives in central Kentucky, said ECTC has always been a part of her extended community. Several family members have worked or attended the college, including her oldest son, who earned his associate degree at ECTC. In fact, her mother was teaching at the college when it was time for Condiff to select a school.

“But I couldn’t go where my mom was going, right?” she joked.

 Instead she attended WKU, earning a bachelor’s degree in general science, then later earning a master’s in learning and behavior disorders and English.

 “I was resistant to going into the family business of education,” Condiff said. “But opportunities kept naturally presenting themselves – every job had some type of teaching component.”

 Condiff said it can be a particular challenge working with students who aren’t always thrilled to be in a writing class, but she hopes to instill a love of learning.

  “When an instructor is enthusiastic and enjoys the subject matter, students are more likely to enjoy that class,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll have students who say they still don’t enjoy English but they liked my class.”

 Condiff said ECTC has been a great place to work, and a great place for her family.

 “It’s a very collaborative environment,” she said. “People take care of each other.”