VEX Team Places 4th in World Competition

ECTC placed fourth in the world in the 2019 VEX University (VEX U) Robotics World Championship, hosted in Louisville in April. About 80 teams worldwide competed, including teams from China, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, Hong Kong, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Lebanon. ECTC lost to Universidad Tecnologica del Centro de Veracruz from Veracruz, Mexico, in the semifinals.

After facing numerous engineering schools, large universities and other colleges, ECTC fought their way to quarter finals where they faced team BLRS, the team from Purdue University. In one of the biggest upsets of the competition, ECTC1 managed to beat the previously undefeated BLRS team with a 15 to 13 score. Unfortunately, soon after their win against the number one seed in their division, ECTC1 lost to UCTV2, a team from Veracruz, Mexico. Andrew Bolli, the captain of ECTC1 recalls the experience, “I believed after we beat Purdue, we had a chance at winning world’s.  It was a close match and I felt like they were an equal team. It was legitimately anyone’s game at that point in the competition. We lost to a better, more deserving team.” ECTC looks forward to VEX U in the 2019-2020 game “Tower Takeover.”