FYETalks! | ECTC


Published on Sep 3, 2020

The Elizabethtown Community and Technical College FYE (First Year Experience) Student Club is announcing the FYETalks Podcast!  The first episode will air on Thursday, September 10, 2020, at 1 pm EST.  

College students will produce FYETalks, for college students, and with college students in mind.  The episodes will touch on topics and issues college students will have to navigate during their educational journey.  The podcast will also have guests and students sharing their research and opinions on current issues going on in our local, our state, our nation, and in our world.  

You can learn more about the ECTC FYE Students Podcast by tuning into social media (Facebook - ECTC FYE) for our FaceBook live Press Conference, Tuesday, September 8, 2020, at 11 a.m.  You can subscribe to the FYETalks Podcast on Itunes or Spotify by going to www.fyetalks.tumblr.com. 

Tune into FYETalks podcast every Tuesday and Thursday, at 1 p.m EST.  Let’s Talk!

For more information contact:  Triniti Bradley, FYE Club President, tbradley0061@kctcs.edu or Alexis Hutchinson, FYE Success Coach, ahutchinson0029@kctcs.edu 270-706-8527