The Results of ECTC's Mock Election Are In! | ECTC

The Results of ECTC's Mock Election Are In!

Thanks to everyone who participated in ECTC's voter registration drive and mock election in honor of Constitution Day. Here are the results of our mock election for US President and Senate:


Donald Trump-80

Hillary Clinton-47

Jill Stein-6

Gary Johnson-22


Bernie Sanders-5

Colin Powell, Jesus Christ, Ben Carson, Satchel Spalding-1 each


Rand Paul-88

Jim Gray-66

John Mattingly- 2

On Wednesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 15, ECTC will commemorate Constitution Day in two ways. Anyone not already registered to vote will be able to register online at, and get assistance with the process by registering in the campus library. People will be available to assist there. And you can pick up a pocket Constitution too, and then vote in our mock election. The election is for U.S. President and Senator.

In addition to the Library on Main Campus, balloting sites will also be located in the following areas:

Student Government Office - Student Center

ECTC Bookstore - RPC

Business Office - OTB

Welcome Desks at the Leitchfield, Springfield and Fort Knox Campuses.

The deadline to register to vote in this election is October 11. So register now!