Myths about Financial Aid

  • Myth: I have to be fulltime to receive financial aid?
    • Fact: Pell Grant is based on the number of hours enrolled (less than time (5 or less hours), half-time, three-quarters time, and full-time). Cap Grant is based on number of hours with a minimum of 6 hours enrollment. Loans need at least 6 hours of enrollment.

  • Myth: I can't get any aid if I am less than half time?
    • Fact: If you are Pell eligible, then you can receive the Pell grant but no loans.

  • Myth: My Financial Aid will not cover online classes?
    • Fact: Financial aid will cover classes held online and on campus as long as you meet eligibility requirements and the classes are on your schedule.

  • Myth: My Parent's make too much money so I won't qualify?
    • Fact: There is no income cut-off to qualify. The government considers many factors besides income such as size of family, number in college, etc.

  • Myth: It cost a fee to file for financial aid? 
    • Fact: Filing for financial aid through the FAFSA with the Department of Education (government) is free.

  • Myth: The FAFSA form is long and too hard to complete? 
    • Fact: The FAFSA is easier than ever before and can be completed online.

  • Myth: Student loans are not really financial aid? 
    • Fact: Student loans are financial aid. Student's must complete the FAFSA to apply and also must meet academic progress standards to receive the loan(s). 

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