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Administrative Office Technology

Degree Options

  • Administrative Management Track

Diploma Options
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Financial Assistant
  • Office Assistant

Certificate Options

Client Support Specialist - Certificate

Administrative Office Technology


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Required Courses

Courses Credit Res Tr Notes
BAS 201 Customer Service Improvement Skills 3      
COM 252 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3      
ENG 101 Writing I 3      
OST 105 Introduction to Information Systems 3     Prereq: RDG 20 or Instructor consent
OST 110 Word Processing Applications 3     Prereq: Instructor consent (OST 101 equivalent skills)
OST 215 Office Procedures 3     Prereq/Coreq: OST 110
OST 235 Business Communications Technology 3      

Progression in the Administrative Office Technology program is contingent upon achievement of a grade of "C" or better in all OST courses.

The Administrative Office Technology program does not accept non-general education courses older than five years from returning or transfer students without the consent of the program coordinator.

Requirements taken from the 2021-2022 KCTCS Catalog