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Eclipse Viewing and Foreshadowing Event

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College will be at the epicenter for viewing the eclipse in Elizabethtown on August 21. Everyone who comes to campus that day to be part of the viewing will receive special eclipse-viewing glasses, to enable people to safely watch this rare celestial event.

In addition to the spectacular eclipse viewing itself, visitors will learn about eclipses from several points of view in the FORESHADOWING event, a part of the college’s continuing LEAF-STEM (Lectures and Exploration Activities For-Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiative.  FORESHADOWING begins at 11 a.m. in Room 212 of the Regional Postsecondary Center,

Here's what you can expect!

FORESHADOWING - An ECTC Interdisciplinary Prequel to the Eclipse

Welcome by ECTC President Dr. Juston Pate

Introductions by STEM Committee Member Dr. Joe Wolf

Eclipses and Music by Assistant Professor Kevin Shank

Eclipses and Science by NASA's "Mr. Eclipse," Fred Espenak (video)

Eclipses and Philosophy by Associate Professor Dr. John Dryden

Eclipses and LIterature by Instructor Matthew Wiles

Elicpses and History by Professor Dr. Gary Stearns

Closing and moving to hill in front of Academic Technical Building (Marked by Balloons) for Best Viewing of this remarkable celestial event!