Alumni Network Launched

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is launching a new initiative to help former students remain connected to the college and community. The development of the ECTC Alumni Network was championed by local alumni who wanted to get more involved in the college and saw an opportunity to continue adding value to the lives of former students.

Susan Gifford, Director of Marketing/Community Engagement at Swope Family of Dealerships, had this to say: “Harnessing the resources of the ECTC alumni will connect students with career opportunities, provide post-graduate resources to support students in their new careers, and will provide an ongoing example of the college’s pivotal role in the economic stability of our region. I am eager to see how the program impacts enrollment, campus life and the professional growth of graduates. I hope that ECTC alum will step forward and volunteer their suggestions, their time and their professional resources to support their college and its students.”

The ECTC Alumni Network will provide an opportunity for continued personal and professional development while leveraging strong relationships to benefit the region. Benefits for ECTC Alumni include continued use of career services, library services, leadership development opportunities, invitations to special events, and alumni-related news.

Membership in ECTC Alumni Network is free and open to graduates/former students of Elizabethtown Community College, Elizabethtown Vocational School, Elizabethtown Technical College and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

A 2017 study found that the economic impact of ECTC alumni exceeded $87 million each year.

“We're extremely proud of the success of our alumni and the key role they play driving in our region’s economy,” said Dean of Institutional Advancement Megan Stith. “We look forward to sharing the stories of former students on an even greater scale.”

Anyone interested in joining the ECTC Alumni Network can sign up at or follow the ECTC Alumni Network on Facebook.