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May 8, 2020 - BOD Minutes

ECTC Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting


  • Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting
  • Friday, May 8, 2020, 9:30 a.m. EST


Attendees Status Attended
Mr. Paul Witten Board Vice Chair Yes
Dr. Steven Sargeant Board Secretary Yes
Ms. Kim Huston Board Member Yes
Mr. Stan Routt Board Member Yes
Mr. Mike Phillips Board Member No
Mr. Del Chambers Board Member Yes
Mr. Howard Williams Board Member Yes
Mr. Bryce Messenger Board Student Representative No
Ms. Carla Hornback Board Faculty Representative Yes
Ms. Judy Akers Board Staff Representative Yes
Dr. Juston C. Pate, President/CEO Ex-Offico Yes
Ms. Emily Allen, Recorder Assistant Secretary to the Board Yes


For the record, the Board of Directors meeting held May 8, 2020 was held via Microsoft Teams due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety recommendations from national, state, and local authorities.

Vice Chair Paul Witten called the regular board meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. EST.


Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements

  • Vice Chair Witten welcomed everyone via Microsoft Teams.

Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION: Mr. Howard Williams made the motion to approve the February 14, 2020 minutes as presented and Dr. Steven Sargeant seconded the motion.
  • VOTE: The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.


President/CEO Report:

Dr. Juston Pate shared a summary of all department reports:

  • During this unprecedented time, ECTC employees have done a phenomenal job taking care of our students and providing exemplary service throughout the last two months while the college moved strictly to online classes.
  • ECTC has moved from a reactionary college to a proactive college. This year should be the third consecutive year in which we will end the year with a $1,000,000 + surplus.
  • Our overall success rates, retention rates, and graduation rates have continued to climb over the last several years.
  • ECTC has moved into the Education Center on Ft. Knox, this move will allow us to better serve our students and will give ECTC a more prominent presence within the educational center.
  • The Institutional Advancement office has done an outstanding job securing funding for our University Center, several new scholarships have been created, and relationships within our community have been strengthened.
  • ECTC continues to look forward with regard to the Occupational Technical Building renovation, the Transportation and Logistics Center, and the University Center.
  • ECTC's greatest asset is the quality of employees within our institution.

New Business

Election of Officers:
  • Ms. Carla Hornback nominated Mr. Stan Routt to serve as Chair and Ms. Judy Akers seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Ms. Carla Hornback made the motion to select Ms. Kim Huston as Vice Chair and Ms. Judy Akers seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Dr. Steven Sargeant made the motion to continue serving as Secretary and Ms. Carla Hornback seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Budget Approval:

Mr. Brent Holsclaw and Mr. Joe Mattingly reviewed the proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 with board members. (The proposed budget was distributed to all board members prior to the start of the meeting for review.)

  • The CARES Act funds, funds to help offset COVID-19 expenses and losses, have been built into the budget.
  • Question: Has the state provided any guidance for successive years indicating more systemic changes to the budget may be required?
  • Answer: No, we have not received any guidance or insight on this matter.
  • Question: Has the state mentioned anything about the pension shortfalls, will this become more severe and will ECTC need to allocate more funds for pensions?
  • Answer: The pension rate has remained the same as last year. The state passed a one-year budget instead of a biennial budget. In January the budget will be reviewed again and the pension rate may or may not change during this time.
  • Dr. Steven Sargeant made a motion to approve the budget as presented and Mr. Howard Williams seconded the motion. Motion carried.
President/CEO Evaluation:
  • Question: What vision do you have for your career?
  • Answer: At this point in time, Dr. Pate is not thinking about any career "next steps." Dr. Pate sees the potential of what ECTC can do for our region and given the quality of employees and leadership at ECTC he does not have any current plans for a "next step." Dr. Pate believes ECTC is special and he wants to continue his work here at ECTC.
  • Members of the board discussed Dr. Pate's passion for ECTC within our service region. All board members gave Dr. Pate high marks for his outstanding leadership, vision for ECTC, and presence within our community.
  • Moving forward, board members agree ECTC should focus on recovering from the impact of COVID-19 and mitigating losses while maintaining our vision and focus on student needs.
  • Board members have completed, or will complete, an evaluation form and submit their responses to Vice Chair, Paul Witten. Paul Witten will prepare a summary of the board's evaluation of Dr. Pate and will submit the evaluation to Dr. Jay Box by May 20, 2020.


A motion was made by Mr. Howard Williams and seconded by Dr. Steven Sargeant to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 10:41 a.m. EST.


The September 11, 2020, board meeting will be held at the ECTC main campus or via Microsoft Teams depending on the status of COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Signature of Emily Allen, Recorder Emily Allen, Recorder Signature of Steven Sargeant, Secretary Steven Sargeant, Secretary


2020-21 Operating Budget


Source of Funds Unrestricted Restricted Total
Tuition and Mandatory Fees $18,148,100 $0 $18,148,100
State Allocation 11,760,800 0 11,760,800
Government Grants and Contracts - Federal 0 16,937,200 16,937,200
Government Grants and Contracts - State 0 261,100 261,100
Noncredit Tuition 289,000 0 289,000
Private Funds 0 734,500 734,500
Endowment Income 0 38,200 38,200
Sales/Services Educational Activities 1,334,500 172,400 1,506,900
Other Sources 2,236,800 2,046,900 4,283,700
Budget Reserve "NR" 775,400 0 775,400
System Services and Systemwide Contracts (4,037,800) 0 (4,037,800)
TOTAL REVENUES $30,506,800 $20,190,300 $50,697,100


Function of Expenses Unrestricted Restricted Total
Instruction $13,525,100 $1,417,600 $14,942,700
Public Service 42,400 63,500 105,900
Academic Support 1,724,400 311,900 2,036,300
Libraries 361,000 0 361,000
Student Services 2,842,000 1,153,800 3,995,800
Institutional Support 5,511,400 1,408,200 6,919,600
Operation and Maintenance 3,016,800 1,965,700 4,982,500
Student Financial Aid 2,708,200 13,869,500 16,577,700
Budget Reserve "NR" 775,400 0 775,400
TOTAL EXPENSES $30,506,700 $20,190,200 $50,696,900

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