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ECTC Science Building

ECTC Science Building

ECTC Writing Lab Contact Information

Yvonne Morris

Writing Lab Instructor III

Science (SCI) Room 117

(270) 706-8435 or (877) 246-2322, Ext. 68435

ECTC Writing Lab

ONline Tutoring

Yvonne Morris will only be available for tutoring via email at and will not be available for in-person tutoring in her office (SCI 117) until further notice.  SCI 117 will be closed until Ms. Morris returns to campus. 

Writing Assistance! 

We will provide feedback on your writing assignments via email during the Fall semester.  Yvonne Morris, ECTC’s Writing Lab Tutor, will be available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for you to contact through  She will respond within 48-72 hours with comments and suggestions for your paper’s revision.  To assist you effectively, include your professor’s assignment requirements with your paper.  When submitting your email message, include in the Subject line your course and professor’s last name (example: Smith,ENG102paper). We’re here to help you!

Location and Hours

We are primarily located in the ECTC Science (SCI) building, room 117.  However, our hours of operation and locations might vary.

No Appointments Required

Tutoring Options

The ECTC Writing Lab provides you with tutoring in these writing skills:

  • Developing Your Thesis Statements
  • Organizing and supporting your main ideas
  • Revising Essays
  • Developing clarity, cohesiveness, and conciseness in your writing skills
  • Understanding source citation
  • Improving effective word choice
  • Reviewing your punctuation and grammar

In the Writing Lab, Yvonne Morris will help you one-to-one with your ECTC course writing assignments.

ECTC’s Writing Lab Policy and Guidelines

In-Person Tutoring

In the Writing Lab, you can work one-to-one with us to receive assistance with your ECTC writing assignments. Our tutoring is a walk-in service, and we can help you to meet your individual writing goals. You are encouraged to visit us for multiple sessions throughout the semester for best results. We can help you develop effective writing skills that will transfer to many other academic courses as well as your career field. Our writing tutoring offers an in-person academic support service that supplements your classroom instruction; therefore, we are not a proofreading or drop-off editorial service.

Please bring your assignment requirements and a printed copy of your paper with you when you arrive for tutoring. We suggest that you consult with your instructor regarding specific content guidelines for your assignment. Your professors determine assignment and final course grades. Your writing tutor cannot guarantee a specific, or passing, grade for any assignment or course.