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Respiratory Care Office        

RPC 3rd Floor Room 331


Program Director

Rebecca A. Higdon, MS, RRT-NPS

Director of Clinical Education

Stephanie Brothers, MAE, RRT

RPC 332


Additional Respiratory Care Program Information

Admission Requirements

Admissions Process

  • To Apply to the Selective Admissions Respiratory Care Program, each applicant must attend a pre-admission conference and submit the following credentials in order to be considered for admission by the committee:
    • ECTC Admission, including:
      • Complete the Application for Admission
      • Provide your High School Transcript or GED
      • Provide Transcripts of other colleges/universities attended
      • ACT
    • Letter of intent to the Program Director
    • BIO 137 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I)
    • MAT 110 (Applied Mathematics) or MAT 150 (College Algebra) or MAT 146 (Contemporary College Mathematics)

Currently the Respiratory Care Program accepts students bi-annually in the even years.  (2020, 2022, 2024)

ALL REQUIRED information must be available to the selective admissions committee by October 1st of the year preceding the year you wish to enroll in the Respiratory Care Program in order to be reviewed and considered.  Applications for admission to the program may be accepted beyond the date provided that:

  1. Positions are still unfilled.
  2. All of the required documentation has been submitted.

Admission Criteria

  • Applicants with the following will be given priority:
    • Number of General Education Courses taken from Respiratory Care curriculum
    • BIO 139 (Human Anatomy & Physiology II)
    • ENG 101 (Writing I)
    • PY 110 (General Psychology) or SOC 101 (Intro to Sociology)
    • COM 252 (Introduction to Interpersonal Communications) or COM 181 (Basic Public Speaking)

Technical Standards

  • Adequate visual acuity
  • Adequate auditory perception
  • Sufficient strength, gross motor, and fine motor coordination
  • Sufficient verbal and written communication skills

Additional Criteria

  • Upon admittance the student must submit the following materials prior to beginning clinical experiences:
    • Evidence of receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine series or a vaccine declination form
    • TB skin test or chest X-Ray
    • Immunization records
    • CPR certification
    • Background check
    • Drug screening

Expenses/Financial Assistance

  • In addition to tuition, students are responsible for transportation to the various clinical sites, professional liability insurance, books, and uniforms. Any student seeking financial assistance should contact the Financial Aid office.