Smarter Summer | ECTC

Smarter Summer

Have a Smarter Summer! ECTC is offering the 2023 Smarter Summer program to help students get ready for college. You can participate in one or multiple activities depending on your individual needs. Each service is designed to help you connect with college resources and make greater progress in the fall.

Summer Classes

Get a head start by taking a developmental course over the Summer. In-person sections of RDG 20, RDG 100, ENC 90 and MAT 61 are June 5 - July 30. Classes are limited to 10 students, meaning you’ll get more individual attention.

ECTC’s First Year Experience (FYE 105) course also will be offered in person as part of the Smarter Summer program. This class covers academic and personal success strategies and developing career goals, and it’s a great way to get familiar with ECTC before you start your Fall classes.

Did we mention scholarships? That’s right! Credential-seeking students taking classes through Smarter Summer may be eligible for a $200 scholarship.

Tutoring will be available throughout the Summer classes, and all Smarter Summer participants will have an opportunity to work with a peer mentor during the 2023-2024 academic year.

To learn more about enrolling in these Summer classes, contact our Advising Center at 270-706-8695.

New Student Convocation

New student orientation and convocation are the best ways to learn the ropes at ECTC. And students who attend are historically more successful. We’re offering in-person and virtual events throughout the Summer. Register today!


Designed to support underrepresented minority and low-income students, Creating Opportunities for Diversity in Education (CODE) provides resources for every aspect of succeeding as a college student. Check back soon for CODE events offered during Smarter Summer.

WOW Week

Week of Welcome, or WOW Week, is a fun-filled event geared specifically for students during the second week of classes of the Fall semester at ECTC to make them feel engaged and comfortable. This event hosts a variety of activities for students including music, food trucks, games, and door prizes.

Many of our community businesses and agencies, transfer colleges, military branches, and ECTC student clubs and programs set up table booths at the event to inform students of their services, hire students for part-time jobs, and the list goes on and on!

WOW Week will be held on our Elizabethtown Campus the week of August 21. Make plans to attend to become better acquainted with our college culture and support services! ECTC is here for you!