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English Placement

Students can use this online site to prepare: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students/prepare-for-accuplacer/practice - scroll down to number 3. Download sample essay prompts and view scored essays.

Course Pathway
College Ready 3.0 18+ 6 12.8+ 5 ENG 101 Next—ENG 102 if required in degree plan
English Corequisite 2.2-2.9 14-17 5 9.0-12.7 4 ENG 101 with ENG 100 Next—ENG 102 if required in degree plan
Developmental < 2.2 12-13 3-4 6.1-8.9 2-3 ENC 090 Next—must enroll in ENG 101 with ENG 100
Adult Education   0-11 0-2 0-6.0 0-1 Skills U Next—retest Accuplacer WritePlacer


Compass hasn’t been used in awhile so a student would need to re-test if only Compass Scores.

Students may re-test at the end of ENC 090 to attempt to place into College Ready.

ENG 100—2 credit hours, transfers as an elective, earns letter grades, calculates in the GPA

ENC 090—3 credit hours, earns letter grades

ECTC will accept scores from all placement tests listed in the KCTCS Assessment and Placement Policy including the scores in the Appendix of Older or Uncommon Measures.

Applicable Fall 2022 to present