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October 7, 2021
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"My parents came to America from Cuba for a better life, but received little help and had to learn things on their own. I plan on working in business management once I graduate from ECTC. Receiving the Hudson First Generation Scholarship brings me closer to my dream of helping others. I want to give back in the future like the Hudsons did by helping me. Thank you for inspiring me to continue pushing on to greater things!"

-Elizabeth Pino, Hudson First Generation Scholarship Recipient

"I worked in manufacturing for 22 years, but when my employer closed, I decided to get my Computerized Manufacturing & Machining degree so I could find a great job in the future. This scholarship will help me afford to commute 75 miles round-trip for the 4 days a week I come to the Elizabethtown campus. I look forward to graduating and using my degree to support my family and build a new home in the future." 

-Shannon Heavrin, Gene Haas Scholarship Recipient

"My mom was a great cook and after countless hours being in the kitchen with her, I decided this path was meant for me. I love seeing people enjoy a well-cooked meal I made. After the passing of my husband and provider, I decided to go back to school and get my degree in Catering and become a personal chef. I want to thank the donors who help people like me succeed in life. It's a blessing to know that there are donors who care about others."

-Lisa Smith, KCTCS John T. Smith Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you for supporting ECTC scholarships. I'm still working and supporting my family while taking classes to begin my career, so it helps to have this scholarship to fund my tuition. Although I don't know you personally, I feel like I know you through your generosity and am encouraged by it. I hope to do the same for someone in the future when I'm a welder."

-James McIntosh, L.F. and Ruth Brewer Endowed Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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