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Wilcox Chooses ECTC to Start Bachelor's Degree

Cianna Wilcox, 18, a recent high school graduate and incoming freshman at ECTC is taking her passion for music and pursing an Associate in Arts this fall. Wilcox is an active member of Severns Valley Baptist Church where she plays electric guitar for the student worship team and interns three days a week.  

“I’m not 100 percent sure what I want to do as a career yet, but I definitely think it will be in music,” Wilcox said. “I started playing the electric guitar about five years ago and love it, so maybe a studio musician or something in that field. The good thing about getting a start at ECTC though is that it opens up a lot of doors.”

With an Associate in Arts, focusing on music, Wilcox has the option to transfer for a bachelor’s degree or take it straight into the workforce if she finds something she loves sooner.

“ECTC is definitely convenient being close to home, but the affordability and smaller class sizes are probably the biggest factors that sealed my decision,” said Wilcox. “As a homeschooled student, I wasn’t traditionally in a class with lots of other students, so the thought of going straight into a four-year college with so many students in one class is a bit nerve-wracking.”

Wilcox went on to say that ECTC’s affordability couldn’t be beat, especially after scholarships, which are paying her entire tuition for her first semester. Taking two dual credit classes her senior year of high school also benefited her.  

“With my dual credit classes, I got to experience taking online college classes and getting a taste for what full-time college curriculum will be like,” she said. “I like the online options at ECTC and how they’re moving to an eight-week format so I can focus on less at the same time.”

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