VR experience to showcase high-wage, high-demand careers | ECTC

VR experience to showcase high-wage, high-demand careers

Published on Aug 18, 2023

Students using the VR headset

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) has rolled out new virtual reality simulators to attract and inspire the region’s future workforce.

The virtual reality (VR) program is part of the college’s recruiting efforts to assist students in career exploration and increase awareness of high-wage, high-demand careers that are attainable through ECTC education and training. With the aid of VR headsets, prospective students can step into the shoes of professionals in diverse career fields, gaining experiences and insights that are unparalleled in traditional recruitment approaches.

Students using the VR headset can explore a range of skilled trades, including robotics, welding, automotive technology, healthcare, construction, electrical work and more. This immersive experience enables them to engage with real-world challenges, make informed decisions about their educational paths, and visualize their future career opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to introduce virtual reality in our recruitment programs,” said ECTC Marketing and Recruitment Director Sarah Berkshire. “It’s a fun, engaging way for prospective students to learn about their career options, and it helps us increase awareness for the region’s growing career sectors like advanced manufacturing and healthcare.”

For assistance with the program, ECTC and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System partnered with Transfr, an industry-leading platform provider of VR solutions for skills training and career exploration. The system consists of a headset and two hand-held controllers similar to the ones used in VR gaming.

ECTC also has partnered with Heartland Communications Consultants in Elizabethtown to create 360-degree videos of the college’s healthcare and advanced manufacturing labs as well as local advanced manufacturer’s facilities. Viewable on a VR headset, the 360-degree videos provide an additional immersive experience.

The headsets are portable and easy to use on-site at schools, career and college fairs or anywhere recruiters might visit. Middle and high schools, industry partners and any prospective student interested in trying the VR experience should contact the ECTC recruitment team at ectcrecruitment@kctcs.edu.