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Production Technician Program

Develop the skills and confidence to succeed with an in-demand career in Manufacturing!

  • Earn college credits through Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.
  • Short-term classes
  • Online class option for select courses.
  • On-campus interviews with local employers.
  • Assistance with scholarship/grant applications.
  • Learn Problem Solving, Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Blueprint Reading, Control Charts and more!

Contact an ECTC Apprenticeship Coordinator, (270) 706-8700, to get started!

Most production workers, particularly those on the front lines, require more than the fundamental skills that were required previously in the advanced manufacturing sector. Employers need recruit and train skilled workers who will cultivate this key sector of the economy in order to meet demands for quality and safety in a workforce where experienced employees are retiring and new talent is scarce.

The ECTC Production Technician Program satisfies these requirements by assisting employers in meeting the growing demand for qualified advanced manufacturing production personnel. The production worker program teaches front-line industrial production workers the skills that businesses seekā€”in settings as diverse as automotive manufacturing, distilleries, steel mills, and other advanced manufacturing.

Enhanced Operator I Certificate

Upon Completion of this program, the graduate can:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of workplace principles
  2. Describe proper safety measures
  3. Demonstrate problem-solving techniques in a team setting
  4. Describe aspects of Production 101: Lean Simulation, Hand and Power Tools, and Mechanical Principle & Mechanical Linkages
Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
WPP 2001 Soft Skills 1
ISX 1001 Safety & Universal Precaution 1
MFG 175 Lean Operations 2
IET 200 General Tools 1
IET 1304 Problem Solving 1
    Total 6

Enhanced Operator II Certificate

Upon Completion of this program, the graduate can: 

  1. Apply shop math and read basic blueprints
  2. Explain tenants of Lean Operations, 5S, Quality, and Total Productive Maintenance
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and use of Statistical Process Control
  4. Demonstrate and practice correct use of gauging equipment.
  5. Demonstrate use of gauging equipment in part inspection.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of common control chart information.
Courses Credit Notes Notes
BRX 120 Basic Blueprint Reading OR 3
ELT 103 Introduction to Engineering (3)
QMS 101 Introduction to Quality Systems 3
CMM 118 Metrology & Control Charts 2
    Total 8