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ECTC Employment Process

It is the goal and overall philosophy of Elizabethtown Community & Technical College to fill each faculty or staff vacancy with the best-suited applicant without regards to race, color, genetics, age, sex, marital status, religion, or disability. Every reasonable effort will be made to recruit qualified women and minorities into vacant positions.

A. Positions

The Supervisor with vacant or new position request must contact the unit cabinet member (chief officer) and request a Personnel Requisition Form be complete by the cabinet member and CEO.

The cabinet member and CEO will appoint the chair and members of the search committee for that position. The completed Personnel Requisition Form is submitted to the college’s Human Resources department (HR) for processing. All positions require the CEO’s approval to be advertised and filled.

To create a new position, the supervisor and cabinet member must complete a Position Description Form JAQ. HR will enter JAQ request into OnBase for Financial and System approval. Once the new position has been created, HR will advertise position.

To advertise a vacant position, the supervisor and cabinet member should review the job description for the vacant position and provide HR with an updates.

The supervisor will need to complete a Technology-Facilities Checklist with the Facilities department for all positions posted.

B. Advertising

Advertisements state the official job title in the ad and are based upon the position job description. Essential job qualifications, minimum requirements, and preferred qualifications will be clearly stated. Positions are open until filled, a review of applications begins ten days from the date of posting. All advertising media will contain the KCTCS/ECTC equal opportunity employer statement. All responses to vacancy announcements/advertisements will be directed to HR.

All regular full-time vacancies are advertised online through the college’s applicant tracker. All postings will be simultaneously submitted to online job boards and recruitment platforms. Depending on the position, additional advertising may be in the local papers.

C. Evaluation of Credentials

The Human Resources Office shall accept all applications through the online applicant tracker system and provide access to applicants to the search committee after the organizational meeting, where all members of the committee have signed the Equal Opportunity & Confidentiality Acknowledgment Form. Selection materials will be kept on file for three years for record-keeping purposes.

Staff Vacancies

HR will review credentials and experience on all applicants for staff positions and only those applications/resumes for individuals meeting or exceeding the minimum qualifications using KCTCS Standard qualification guidelines will be considered. The Search Committee Chair can serve as back-up, as needed.

Faculty Vacancies

Faculty credentials will be evaluated by the Academic Unit and the Academic Unit will determine which applicants meet the minimum qualifications for the faculty position.

D. Search Committees

A Search Committee will be responsible for reviewing the applications, interviewing applicants, and selecting finalist(s) for each vacancy. The CEO and unit cabinet member appoints the search committee and Chair. Generally, the direct supervisor of the vacant position will serve as Chair of the committee. The committee should consist of a minimum of three members and maximum of five member. Exceptions to the maximum members, can be made by the CEO. The list of the Search Committee members’ names is made part of the selection record in HR. The committee should identify the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. This criteria should be used in evaluating the applications.

Training is required for any new Search Committee Member.

E. Responsibilities of the Search Committee Chairperson

The Chair is responsible for communicating the committee’s official charge to the committee members as soon as is reasonably possible after approval of the Personnel Requisition Form. The Chair works closely with the Human Resources Coordinator, or designee, to set up an organizational meeting and deliver search committee guidelines and materials to committee members in addition to arranging candidate interviews and completing necessary documentation for the committee. The Chair should keep the search on schedule and follow process through to hire.

F. Interviews

Ideally, the committee should select a minimum of three individuals to interview. In instances of exceedingly low response, or exceedingly high response, the number of applicants selected for interview may vary.

Interviews shall be held on campus. In rare cases, an off-campus conference site or other recognized public meeting facility may be utilized. In the event an interviewee is unable to honor their original interview appointment due to unforeseen difficulties, reasonable efforts would be made to reschedule the interview at a mutually agreeable time. The Search Committee is not obligated to reschedule cancelations.

The committee should compile a list of interview questions for the interview. All interviewees are asked the same questions. Questions relating to race, color, genetics, age, sex, marital status, religion, or disability are inappropriate. HR reviews all question prior to interviews.

G. Reference Checks

The Chair will make reference checks utilizing a standardized list of questions/inquiries before recommending the final candidate(s). Reference checks should be documented and are only for the use of the search committee.  After the completion of the selection process, all search materials and reference information must be returned to HR.

Criminal and pre-employment background checks will be conducted confidentially by HR.

H. Recommendation to Hire

The Search Committee will forward the recommendation to the unit cabinet member for approval. The unit cabinet member has the option to complete a second interview with recommended candidate(s). The Search Committee Chair will send the Search Committee Recommendation form to the President/CEO. The Chair should be prepared to specifying why the Committee feels that this candidate would be the best fit for the position. The President/CEO or his designee may also meet with the Committee Chair to discuss the recommendation. In some cases, the President/CEO may also interview the candidate before the final decision is made.

I. Job Offer

The college Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), or CEO, or designee will make the official job offer. Salaries will be quoted at a semi-monthly rate for all employees, or hourly for temporary positions, as appropriate. Salary should be based upon the individual’s related education and experience and be fair and equitable without causing internal disparity.

In most cases, offer letters and contracts are used to finalize the position offer. Applicants are informed that they must present qualifying identification on the first day of employment in order to complete the federally required I-9 form.

Once the job offer is accepted, all other applicants will be notified that the position has been filled through the applicant tracker.