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KCTCS Equivalency Guidelines

Guidelines for Determining Equivalency Credit

Highest Level of Education Equivalent
Grade school 8th Grade
High school 12th Grade or GED
AA/AS (Associate’s) 2 Year Degree
BA/BS (Bachelor’s) 4 Year Degree
MA/MBA (Master’s) 2 Years above Bachelor’s = TOTAL 6
JD 3 Years above Bachelor’s = TOTAL 7
EdS (Educational Specialist) 1 Year above Master’s = TOTAL 7
ABD (all but dissertation) 2 Years above Master’s = TOTAL 8
PhD/EdD (Doctorate) 3 Years above Master’s = TOTAL 9
MD (Doctor of Medicine) 7 Years above Master’s = TOTAL 13


Partial credit

Partial credit on a semester basis is awarded on a guideline of 12 credit hours per semester.  These must be completed credit hours and not in process.  Credit conversion at rate of 6 months per semester.

It is possible to have 4 years of education, but not have a BA, if you have attended 8 semesters or more, with at least 12 credits per semester.  No more than 3.5 years credit is possible without actually having the BA/BS degree – even if they exceed 4 calendar years at 12 credit hours.

(Example – Architecture and Engineering programs are often 5-year programs – but still result in a BA/BS degree.)

Post secondary/vocational

Credit is awarded based on submission of a copy of the vocational certificate, indicating on it the amount of time the course covered.  (Example 6 months on certificate = 6 months education credit).

Additional credit above the HS degree/years is not awarded for attendance at a vocational school as part of high school attendance (i.e. individual received HS Diploma in May 1993 and lists vocational school August 1993 – May 1994.  This person receives additional credit above HS in accordance with amount indicated on vocational certificate.

Work Experience & Education Equivalency

One year of full-time (37.5 hrs/week) work experience is equivalent to one year of education for positions that specify “or equivalent” in job postings.

For Example:
A position listing education and experience requirement as Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years of experience the equivalency would be:

  • Master’s Degree and Zero (0) experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree and two (2) years of experience in field
  • Associate’s Degree and four (4) years of experience in field
  • HS/GED and six (6) years of experience in field

Part-time work experience

Credit is awarded on a part-time position in accordance with the percentage of hours worked to
full-time work. Generally work is computed on basis of a 37.5-hour work week.

Credit is awarded for part-time positions worked in addition to a full-time position occurring during the same time period, of the work is deemed related and is a different job for a different employer.

Computations are taken out three decimal places and rounded up from .005, and down at .004 and less.

Examples: Non-Exempt
5 months at 12 hours a week
                1.6 months credit
0-5 = 0-1.6

(12/37.5 = 0.32 x 5)
5 months at 27 hours a week
                3.6 months credit
0-5 = 3.6

(12/37.5 = 0.72 x 5)