Posting of Printed Materials Procedure | ECTC

Posting of Printed Materials Procedure

This procedure outlines how Elizabethtown Community and Technical College puts into practice the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Campus Speech Policy 3.3.15 as it relates to posting of printed materials on College property.

  1. ECTC permits printed materials only in designated spaces. No printed materials may be displayed, affixed, or otherwise placed in areas that are not generally or specifically intended for use as a forum for printed materials. To ensure cleanliness, integrity, and repair of ECTC properties, ECTC prohibits printed material in areas that include but are not limited to walls, windows, tables, counters, and any other space that has not been generally or specifically intended for use as a forum for printed materials or other expressive materials.
  2. ECTC has designated public bulletin boards for the sharing of community information. These are open forums where messages may be posted using the following guidelines:
    1. All public bulletin boards will be reviewed for outdated postings at the end of each month. All items posted that are not sponsored by college programs or departments will be removed after 90 days.
    2. Any materials posted regarding official college programs or services are exempt from the removal schedule but may be removed by the program/organization sponsor, the relevant department representative, or the marketing department. Printed materials exempted from the mandatory removal date shall remain on the public bulletin boards until the event, program, or activity is completed or until such time the college deems them no longer necessary to communicate information to students, staff, or other individuals.
    3. These guidelines will be posted on each public bulletin board.
  3. Departmental/programmatic bulletin boards are designated for use only by employees or students for items related to college, program, or department matters. Items that do not meet these criteria may be removed. These guidelines will be posted on each departmental/programmatic bulletin board.
  4. Messages regarding college programs, organizations, or departments can be added to TV monitor displays by contacting For messages specific to the Springfield campus, contact For messages specific to the Leitchfield campus, contact ECTC will maintain a TV monitor display on the Elizabethtown campus to share career and employment opportunities. Postings can be added by contacting
  5. No groups or individuals may place any signs, banners, posters, or other displays on or against, attach them to, or write on any building or feature of ECTC property, including, but not limited to, windows, walls, walkway surfaces, fountains, utility poles, lamp poles, waste containers, trees, street signs, benches, and railings. Signs, posters, and other displays also must not damage ECTC property. Any postings on unapproved areas such as, but not limited to, glass, painted drywall, columns, railing, fire extinguishers, or fire alarm boxes will be removed immediately upon discovery. Likewise, no postings on exterior buildings surfaces are permitted. Exceptions to this rule may include official college notices for immediate issues that affect students and/or operational issues, safety notifications, state and federal posting mandates.
  6. No literature of any kind is to be placed on automobiles, unless it is an official college notice.
  7. Regardless of place of posting, no printed or other expressive materials of any kind, will be permitted if the materials or statements contained in or on the materials:
    1. Violate local, state, or federal law.
    2. Violate ECTC or KCTCS policy or procedures.
    3. Communicate directly or indirectly a threat to the college, students, staff, faculty, or any other individual or group.
    4. Contain profanity, nudity, or other vulgar content such that the profane nude or vulgar depiction offends the community sense of decency.
    5. Create an ongoing, frequent, and/or pervasive atmosphere that becomes a legally hostile environment based on the immutable characteristics of any protected class.


Issued: 3/29/2022

Effective Date: 7/1/2022
Approved ECTC President/CEO: 3/29/2022

Reference KCTCS Policy: KCTCS 3.3.15