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Cost and Scholarship Information

Think you can’t afford to take a college class? Think again. Get college credit through reduced tuition or a scholarship now so you can get out of college and into the workforce faster.


The tuition rate for dual credit courses is established through the Kentucky legislature. It is currently set at 1/2 (50%) of the KCTCS in-state tuition cost. For details, see Tuition & Costs.

The discounted tuition rate only applies to dual credit courses offered by the college. If you want to take a course that is not part of the dual credit program, you may enroll as a dually enrolled student if you meet the admission requirements for non-degree/non-credential students. You will be charged the standard KCTCS tuition rate for dual enrollment courses. 

You will receive a bill for the dual credit courses you take that are not covered by a scholarship.

In an effort to make sure that your bill accounts for scholarship funding, we wait to send dual credit bills until mid-October (for the fall semester) and mid-March (for the spring semester). However, if we have not received information about your scholarship by the established deadlines, a bill will be generated.

You are responsible for classroom costs that are not covered by tuition or by your high school or school district, such as textbooks and online material.

Textbooks and Course Material

Some high schools provide students with books and materials for dual credit courses, while others don’t. Ultimately, you are responsible for getting access to all the textbooks and other materials you need for your courses. Some material may be available electronically as digital content. Digital content charges are separate from tuition, and you are responsible for these charges unless your high school or school district pays for them.


Student Holds!

A hold is placed on your academic record when you have an outstanding obligation such as an unpaid bill or inaccurate information on your account. The hold is released when you have met the obligation. If you have a hold on your record, you will not be allowed to register for classes, or receive any other services from the college until the hold is released.

If you have a hold on your account, contact your counselor/advisor as soon as possible—they’re here to help.


Two state scholarships are available to help pay your tuition for eligible dual credit courses:

  1. Work Ready Dual Credit Kentucky Scholarship
    • Pays for two technical education classes a year, for a total of eight classes
    • Available to Kentucky residents attending Kentucky public high schools and some private high schools

  2. Dual Credit Scholarship
    • Pays for two general education courses each year for Juniors and Seniors for a total of four scholarships
    • Available to Juniors and Seniors at Kentucky public or private high schools or home schools

These scholarships are administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). The application is not available until your high school has submitted your information to KHEAA. The deadlines are:

                                           High School                 Student 

Fall                                      September 15              October 1

Spring                                  February 1                   March 1


Your high school will notify KHEAA if you are eligible for either scholarship according to the deadlines listed above. Once your school has submitted the information to KHEAA, you’ll be able to access your KHEAA account to indicate when and where you want to use your scholarship. You must set your preference in order for your college to receive the scholarship award.  Otherwise, the college will not be able to apply the scholarship to your account and you will be responsible for the balance.

Questions about the scholarship? Please call KHEAA at (800) 928-8926