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Agricultural Technology - Degree

Associate in Applied Science

Developmental Courses as Needed

Courses Credit Notes
RDG 20/100 3-6  
ENC 90/100 2-5  
MAT 55/61 3-4  

General Education Courses

Courses Credit Notes
ENG 101 Writing I 3  
ENG 102 Writing II 3  
COM 181 Basic Public Speaking 3  
MAT 110 Applied Mathematics OR
MAT 116 Technical Mathematics OR
MAT 126 Technical Algebra and TrigonometryOR
MAT 150 College Algebra
3 MAT 150 for bachelor’s degree transfer
AGR 101 The Economics of Food and Agriculture 3  
Heritage/Humanities 3  
(BIO 112 Introduction to Biology AND
BIO 113 Introduction to Biology Lab) OR
BIO 141 Botany with Laboratory OR
BIO 143 Zoology with Laboratory OR
(BIO 150 Principles of Biology I AND
BIO 151 Principles of Biology Lab I)
4-5 Check bachelor’s degree transfer plans for desired biology class
(CHE 140 Introductory General Chemistry AND
CHE 145 Introductory General Chemistry Lab I) OR
(CHE 170 General College Chemistry I AND
CHE 175 General College Chemistry I Lab)

Technical Core Requirements

Courses Credit Notes
Digital Literacy (or bypass exam) 3 If students pass exam, need additional class
AGR 125 Introduction to Fertilizers and Soils 3  
AGR 130 Field Applications in Agriculture 2  
AGR 140 Issues in Agriculture 3  
AGR 230 Career Development in Agriculture 3  
AGR 240 Introduction to Animal Science 3  
AGR 250 Introduction to Plants/Crop Production 3  

Agriculture Technology Track

Courses Credit Notes
AGR 150 Agriculture Power 3  
AGR 220 Computers in the Agricultural Environment 3  
COE 199 Cooperative Education 3  
(IMT 100 Welding for Maintenance AND
IMT 101 Welding for Maintenance Lab) OR
(WLD 120 Shielded Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab) OR
(WLD 130 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding AND
WLD 131 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Fillet Lab) OR
(WLD 140 Gas Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 141 Gas Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab)

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Requirements taken from the 2021-2022 KCTCS Catalog

Updated October 2021