Medical Unit Coordinator - Certificate | ECTC

Medical Unit Coordinator - Certificate

Medical Information Technology

Required Courses

Courses Credit Notes
CIT 105 Introduction to Computers OR
OST 105 Introduction to Information Systems
3 Prereq: RDG 20 or instructor consent
BIO 135 Basic Anatomy and  Physiology with Laboratory* 4 Prereq: ACT Composite of 16
ENG 101 Writing I 3  
OST 110 Word Processing Applications OR
Course Approved by Program Coordinator**
3 Prereq: instructor consent (OST 101 equivalent skills)
MIT 103 Medical Office Terminology OR
AHS 115 Medical Terminology OR
CLA 131 Medical Terminology from Greek and Latin
3 MIT 103 is preferred
MIT 104 Medical Insurance 3 Prereq/Coreq: MIT 103 or AHS 115 or CLA 131
MIT 217 Medical Office Procedures 3 Prereq/Coreq: OST 110
MIT 224 Medical Practice Management 3 Prereq/Coreq: MIT 104, MIT 217, and MIT 230
MIT 228 Electronic Medical Records 3 Prereq: MIT 217
MIT 230 Medical Information Management 3 Prereq: digital literacy

*Students can fulfill the Biology requirement with both BIO 137 and BIO 139.
**Courses approved by the Program Coordinator suggestions: Any MIT course, BAS course, OST course, ACC course, CIT course, or AHS course.

Progression in the Medical Information Technology program contingent upon achievement of a grade of ā€œCā€ or better in all required general education and technical courses and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better on a 4.0 scale.

The program does not accept non-general education courses older than 5 years from returning or transfer students without consent from the program coordinator.

KCTCS Catalog:  Medical Unit Coordinator - Certificate