How to Talk to a Job-Fair Recruiter | ECTC

How to Talk to a Job-Fair Recruiter

  • Walk up to the employer’s table or booth. May eye contact with the recruiter, smile, and say hello.
  • Offer your handshake and introduce yourself.
  • Ask about the career opportunities for your occupation at that company.
  • Deliver your 15 second sales pitch.
  • Answer the recruiter’s questions and ask a few follow-up questions of your own.
  • Tell the recruiter that you would like to apply for that job or position.
  • Offer the recruiter a copy of your resume.
  • Ask how you can schedule a job interview.
  • Ask for the recruiter’s business card.
  • Thank the recruiter, smile, offer your handshake, and then move on to the next employer’s booth.