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Career Workshops & Events

As an ECTC student, you will work with two types of advisors: your Academic Advisor or Success Coach and your Career Advisor. Together these advisors will help you create an academic and personal plan, explore your interests and goals, select a program of study, and prep for a lifetime of success in your selected career pathway.

Career Seminar Offerings

  • Career Planning, Exploration, and Research
    Discover career planning, exploration, and research strategies and tools that will provide you with career development guidance and plan to find success in tomorrow’s global workforce.

  • Tips for Writing an Exceptional Resume
    Learn to use your resume as a marketing tool to land the interview you’ve been waiting for.

  • Acing the Interview
    Explore interview preparation strategies to increase your changes of receiving a job offer. Practice is key!

  • The Elevator Speech and Networking
    Uncover the “hidden job market”, your network begins by creating connections with the people around you. Discover how networking opportunities may lead to your future career.

Upcoming Workshops:

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Upcoming Events:

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