Sepulveda’s dedication shows in industrial maintenance classes | ECTC

Sepulveda’s dedication shows in industrial maintenance classes

May 14, 2024

ECTC industrial maintenance student and Metallica Scholar Joe Sepulveda wanted a career that provided job security, but also offered variety.

“I like that industrial maintenance is hands on, and I like that I’m not walking into the same job every day,” he said. “Plus, the campus was close to home, and I knew people who had gone through this program, so I could see how good it was.” 

Sepulveda credits the knowledge and approachability of ECTC’s instructors with helping him to succeed in his studies. He was selected as a Metallica Scholar because of his hard work and dedication. 

“Joe has a wife and two children, works up to 12 hours a day as an engineer technician, and still makes time to take several classes each semester,” said Industrial Maintenance Program Coordinator Nolan Massaroni. “He is a hard-working student who puts in the time to make sure his class assignments are the best they can be.” 

As a Metallica Scholar, Sepulveda earned a $500 scholarship, which he said will help alleviate the cost of classes and books. 

“I’m in class with a lot of people just as good as me, so it’s nice to be recognized for my hard work, especially when you think no one notices,” he said. 

Joe Sepulveda