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Expectations of Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Remember that dual credit courses are college courses, not college-preparatory courses. Your job is to deliver a college course that’s equivalent to the campus course in rigor and academic standards. Please follow college rules for assignments, late work and extra credit.

  • Check your KCTCS email regularly (at least once a week), as that is how you will receive important communication from the college.
  • Please be aware of all college deadlines and share them with your students.
  • Set college-level expectations and hold your students accountable (meeting deadlines, advocating for themselves, etc.). Please see High School vs. College page for an overview of how college courses differ from high school courses.
  • Make sure your course materials and outlines align with the course syllabus of the matching KCTCS course.
  • Follow the college grading scale and submit grades through the PeopleSoft database.
  • Submit your course syllabus to the division dean before the first day of your course.
  • Provide a current course syllabus to each student by the end of the first week of classes.
  • Participate in at least one discipline-specific professional development workshop each year. 
  • When you have been approved as a concurrent enrollment instructor, participate in a professional development activity that includes an orientation to the college.
  • Notify your college dual credit contact if you will miss class for more than two weeks so that we can determine the best way to support your students in your absence.
  • Be responsive to your faculty liaison when trying to schedule classroom visits.
  • Provide your faculty liaison with assessment examples to document equivalency to the KCTCS course.
  • Refer your students to the college dual credit coordinator/liaison for issues dealing specifically with college policy or questions about records/transcripts/credit.
  • Review your students’ course evaluation at the end of your course.