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Train to become a certified welder. Discover materials and techniques for work in many industries as a specialist in one of the most highly paid skilled trades.

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Great pay for the highly skilled!

As a certified welder you will be among the highest paid of all the skilled trades. As a welder you will join metals by applying intense heat from a gas or electric source to melt metal to form a permanent bond with or without the use of filler metals. You will use welding for joining, surfacing or repairing structures or parts made of metal or other weldable materials. You will plan the sequence of operations and select your equipment according to metals involved and the type of weld needed.

average base pay
Based on research conducted by KCEWS in 2016 for the state of Kentucky
low: $26k med: $37k high: $57k

What are my career choices?

Most welders work in manufacturing industries. Others are employed by construction firms and repair services. A skilled welder may qualify as a technician, supervisor, inspector or owner of a welding business.

Welding Technology Career Median Annual
SalaryBased on research conducted by KCEWS in 2016 for the state of Kentucky
Gas Welder $37,088
Welder Helper $37,088
Tack Welder $37,088
Gas Metal Arc Welder $37,088
Shielded Metal Arc Welder $37,088
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder $37,088
Production Line Welder $37,088
Arc Welder $37,088
AWS National Skills Standards Level I $37,088
Combination Welder $37,088
Welding Technology $37,088

What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?

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Where do I start?

Apply for admission to ECTC to receive information from the Admissions Office about submitting your placement test scores (ACT or COMPASS exams) and to schedule a meeting with an advisor to register for your classes.


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