Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic - Certificate | ECTC

Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic - Certificate

Diesel Technology

Required Courses

Courses Credit Notes
(ADX 120 Basic Automotive Electricity AND
ADX 121 Basic Automotive Electricity Lab) OR
(BEX 100 Basic Electricity for Non-Majors AND
BEX 101 Basic Electricity Lab for Non-Majors) OR
ELT 110 Circuits I
5 Recommended first semester
Prereq: RDG 20, ENC 90, MAT 55
(DIT 190 Electrical Systems for Diesel Equipment AND
DIT 191 Electrical Systems for Diesel Equipment Lab) OR
(ADX 260 Electrical Systems AND
ADX 261 Electrical Systems Lab)
Electives (Diesel Courses/Industrial Education Core) 2  

A student must receive a grade of "C" or better to receive credit for successful completion of courses in the Diesel Technology curriculum.

KCTCS Catalog:  Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic - Certificate