Construction Electrician Track Degree | ECTC

Construction Electrician Track Degree

Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT): Electrical technology

Developmental Courses as Needed

Course Credit Notes
RDG 20 (after completion, enroll in RDG 100) 3-6 RDG 100 requires concurrent enrollment in 100-level Gen Ed
ENC 90 (after completion, enroll in ENG 101/100) 2-5  
MAT 61 4 If taking MAT 150

General Education Courses

Course Credit Notes
ENG 101 Writing I 3  
Heritage/Humanities 3  
MAT 116 Technical Mathematics 3 Or higher-level math course
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3  
Natural Sciences 3  
General Education Subtotal 15  

Technical Core Requirements

Course Credit Notes
EET 119 Basic Electricity OR
ELT 110 Circuits I
5 Recommended first semester
EET 250 National Electric Code 4  
(EET 266 Rotating Machinery and Transformers AND
EET 267 Rotating Machinery and Transformers Lab) OR

(EET 268 Rotating Machinery Electrical Motor Controls I AND
EET 269 Rotating Machinery and Motor Controls I Lab AND
EET 272 Electrical Motor Controls II AND
EET 273 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab) OR

(EET 270 Electrical Motor Controls I AND
EET 271 Electrical Motor Controls I Lab AND
EET 264 Rotating Machinery AND
EET 265 Rotating Machinery Lab) OR

(EET 274 Electrical Motor Controls AND
EET 275 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab)
11-14 EET 268/269 and EET 272/273 are the ECTC course sequence
Prereq: EET 119 or ELT 110 with a grade of C or better or program advisor consent
CAD 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Design OR
Digital Literacy
3 If student takes a bypass exam, he/she must take an additional course approved by program coordinator.
EET 127 Electrical Technology Capstone 1 Prereq/Coreq: EET 254/255, EET 250, and EET 268/269
Technical Core Subtotal 24-27  

Construction Electrician Track Requirements

Course Credit Notes
(EET 154 Electrical Construction I AND
EET 155 Electrical Construction I Lab AND
EET 252 Electrical Construction II AND
EET 253 Electrical Construction II Lab) OR
(EET 254 Electrical Construction AND
EET 255 Electrical Construction Lab)
Technical Electives 16  
Track Subtotal 23-24  

Recommended Technical Electives*

Course Credit Notes
ACR 100 Refrigeration Fundamentals AND
ACR 101 Refrigeration Fundamentals Lab
ACR 130 Electrical Components AND
ACR 131 Electrical Components Lab
5 Prereq: Electrical course with C or better
BRX 120 Basic Blueprint Reading 3  
BRX 220 Blueprint Reading for Construction 3  
CAD 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Design 3  
EET 100 Electrical Safety in Workplace 4  
EET 290 Troubleshooting Industrial Controls and Motors 4 Prereq: EET 276/277
EET 295 Alternative Energy Photovoltaic and Wind Generation 4  
FPX 100 Fluid Power AND
FPX 101 Fluid Power Lab
5 Recommended first semester
ISX 100 Industrial Safety 3  
WLD 140 Gas Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 141 Gas Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab

*This is not all-inclusive. Other courses may be taken with approval of the program instructor/advisor.

Students enrolled in the Electrical Technology program are required to achieve a minimum grade of "C" in the technical core and in those courses selected as technical electives.

For a list of KCTCS general education classes in each category, go to, pp. 67-71.
Or KCTCS homepage ( > education & training > course catalog > 2020-21 catalog > pp. 67-71.

Updated October 2020