Industrial Automation and Robotics Technician Track Degree | ECTC

Industrial Automation and Robotics Technician Track Degree

Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT): Electrical technology

Developmental Courses as Needed

Course Credit Notes
RDG 20 (after completion, enroll in RDG 100) 3-6 RDG 100 requires concurrent enrollment in 100-level gen ed
ENC 90 (after completion, enroll in ENG 101/100) 2-5  
MAT 61 4 If taking MAT 150

General Education Courses

Course Credit Notes
ENG 101 Writing I 3  
Heritage/Humanities 3  
MAT 116 Technical Mathematics 3 Or higher-level math course
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3  
Natural Sciences 3  
General Education Subtotal 15  

Technical Core Requirements

Course Credit Notes
EET 119 Basic Electricity OR
EET 110 Circuits I
5 Recommend first semester
EET 250 National Electricity Code 4  
(EET 266 Rotating Machinery and Transformers AND
EET 267 Rotating Machinery and Transformers Lab) OR

(EET 268 Rotating Machinery Electrical Motor Controls I AND
EET 269 Rotating Machinery and Motor Controls I Lab AND
EET 272 Electrical Motor Controls II AND
EET 273 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab) OR

(EET 270 Electrical Motor Controls I AND
EET 271 Electrical Motor Controls I Lab AND
EET 264 Rotating Machinery AND
EET 265 Rotating Machinery Lab) OR

(EET 274 ELectrical Motor Controls AND
EET 275 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab)
11-14 EET 268/269 and EET 272/273 are the ECTC course sequence
Prereq: EET 119 or ELT 110 with a grade of C or better or program advisor consent
CAD 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Design OR
Digital Literacy
3 If student takes a bypass exam, he/she must take an additional course approved by program coordinator.
EET 127 Electrical Technology Capstone 1 Prereq/Coreq: EET 254/255, EET 250, and EET 268/269
Technical Core Subtotal 24-27  

Industrial Automation and Process Control Technician Track

Course Credit Notes
(EET 200 Robotics Systems I AND
EET 201 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab) OR
IMT 200 Industrial Robotics and Robotic Maintenance
4 Prereq for IMT 200: IMT 110/111 or instructor consent
EET 202 Robotic Maintenance 2  
EET 203 Robotic Vision Systems 2  
EET 276 Programmable Logic Controllers AND
EET 277 Programmable Logic Controllers Lab
4 Prereq: EET 268/269 with grade of C or better or program advisor consent
EET 290 Troubleshooting Industrial Controls and Motors 4 Prereq: EET 276/277
Technical Electives 10 Recommended: EET 280
Track Subtotal 26  

Recommended Technical Electives*

Course Credit Notes
EET 100 Electrical Safety in the Workplace 4  
EET 280 Multiplatform Programmable Logic Controllers 4 Prereq: EET 276/277
FPX 100 Fluid Power AND
FPX 101 Fluid Power Lab
5 Recommended first semester
ISM 102 Fundamentals of Instrumentation 4  
ISM 210 Fundamentals of Process Control 4  
IMT 150 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I AND
IMT 151 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I Lab
WLD 140 Gas Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 141 Gas Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab

*This is not all-inclusive. Other courses may be taken with approval of the program instructor/advisor.

Students enrolled in the Electrical Technology program are required to achieve a minimum grade of "C" in the technical core and in those courses selected as technical electives.

For a list of KCTCS general education classes in each category, go to, pp. 67-71.
Or KCTCS homepage ( > education & training > course catalog > 2020-21 catalog > pp. 67-71.

Updated October 2020