Advanced Manufacturing Tool and Die Technician Track Degree | ECTC

Advanced Manufacturing Tool and Die Technician Track Degree

(Selective Admission)
Associate in Applied Science
Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT): Industrial maintenance technology

Developmental Courses as Needed

Course Credit Notes
RDG 20/100 3-6  
ENC 90/100 2-5  
MAT 55/61 3-4  

General Education Courses

Course Credit Notes
ENG 101 Writing I 3  
MAT 116 Technical Mathematics OR
Higher-Level Quantitative Reasoning course
PHY 152 Introductory Physics II (preferred) OR
Natural Sciences
PHI 130 Ethics (preferred) OR
COM 254 Interpersonal Communications (preferred) OR
Social/Behavioral Sciences
COM 205 Business and Professional Comm (preferred) OR
Oral Communications
General Education Subtotal 18  

Technical Core Requirements

Course Credit Notes
BRX 120 Basic Blueprint Reading 3 Fourth Semester
CMM 110 Fundamentals of Machine Tools-A 3 Third Semester
CMM 112 Fundamentals of Machine Tools B 3 Third Semester
Digital Literacy 3  
EET 119 Basic Electricity (ECTC preferred course) 5 First Semester
EET 270 Electrical Motor Controls I AND
EET 271 Electrical Motor Controls I Lab
4 Second Semester
Prereq: EET 119 with grade of C or better or program advisor consent
EET 272 Electrical Motor Controls II AND
EET 273 Electrical Motor Controls II Lab
4 Fourth semester
EET 276 Programmable Logic Controllers AND
EET 277 Programmable Logic Controllers Lab
4 Third semester
FPX 100 Fluid Power AND
FPX 101 Fluid Power Lab
5 First semester
IET 1301 Safety Culture 1 First semester
IET 1302 5S 1 Second semester
IET 1303 Total Production System Maintenance 1 Third semester
IET 1304 Program Solving 1 Fourth semester
IET 1305 Maintenance Reliability 1 Fifth semester
IMT 150 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I AND
IMT 151 Maintaining Industrial Equipment I Lab
5 Second semester
IMT 260 Presswork and Die Maintenance 7 Fifth semester
IMT 289 Industrial Maintenance Capstone 1 Fifth semester
(WLD 120 Shielded Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab) OR
(WLD 140 Gas Metal Arc Welding AND
WLD 141 Gas Metal Arc Welding Fillet Lab) OR
(IMT 100 Welding for Maintenance AND
IMT 101 Welding for Maintenance Lab)
5 Fifth semester
Technical Core Subtotal 57  

Progression in the Industrial Maintenance Technology Advanced Manufacturing Technician Track is contingent upon achievement of a grade of ā€œCā€ or better in all courses and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better (on a 4.0 scale).

Advanced Manufacturing Endorsement: Only Integrated Engineering Technology (IET) course are approved for substitution into the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Track.

Advanced Manufacturing Endorsement: Minimum of 1,824 hours of Industry-Sponsored Internship (Selective Admissions).

All Developmental courses must be completed prior to admission to the program.

For a list of KCTCS general education classes in each category, go to, pp. 67-71.
Or KCTCS homepage ( > education & training > course catalog > 2020-21 catalog > pp. 67-71.

Updated May 2021