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Transfer Credits

ECTC does accept transfer credits from other colleges

The KCTCS Senate Rules states:

1.1.3 Admission of Students with Previous College-Level Competency

The Council on Postsecondary Education's general education transfer policy and baccalaureate program transfer frameworks policy shall provide the basis for an institution's policy on the acceptance of transfer credits. The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Transfer Credit Practices of Educational Institutions shall sever as a reference for admission of transfer students to a technical institution and for the acceptance of transfer credits. An applicant with previous college work seeking admission to a KCTCS college shall submit an official transcript(s) of all previous college work.

A state-supported institution shall assure that a transferring student receives academic counseling concerning the transfer of credit among institutions.

An institution shall accept a student's college credit earned when a course is taken both for high school credit and college credit. Credit earned through a dual enrollment arrangement shall be treated the same as credit earned in any other college course.

Grades, credits, quality points and academic status from courses taken at other colleges in KCTCS are transferred when the student enrolls.

Degree credit work taken at a fully accredited college or university is recognized credit hour for credit hour. Quarter hours are recognized as two-thirds (2/3) of a semester hour. In order to be classified as fully accredited, a college or university must be a member of an accrediting association.

Academic credit from a non-accredited college or university may be obtained by special subject examinations or may be validated by completion of twelve (12) credit hours, excluding developmental or remedial courses, with a grade point of at least 2.0. (See Section V, 5.13.)

The KCTCS President is authorized to establish reciprocal agreements with fully accredited colleges and universities, whereby grades received, as well as credit earned at a previous institution shall be recognized by colleges.

Transfer from KCTCS/ECTC:

KCTCS has an articulation agreement with all Kentucky state public four year universities for students who are interested in a bachelor's degree.